The main office of Neighborhood Medical Center (NMC) is located in the Lincoln Center, two (2) blocks west of the governor’s mansion, at 438 W Brevard Street in Tallahassee, Florida.  The Lincoln Center is the former Lincoln High School – a vocational and educational school for the African- American community. Since 2013, we have opened additional centers in the Big Bend area… see locations below.

A. Lincoln Center

438 W. Brevard St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32301-1004

Phone: 850.224.2469

Fax: 850.222.1139



Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri:    8am to 6pm

Tue:   8am to 8pm

B. Smith-Williams Center
2295 Pasco Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32310

Phone: 850.224.2409

Fax: 850.224.2419



Mon-Fri:   8am to 6pm

1st & 3rd Sat: 9am to 2pm

C. Cecil V. Butler in Havana, FL
604 E. 5th Avenue
Havana, Florida 32333

MEDICAL Phone: 850.539.9800

MEDICAL Fax: 850.539.0508

DENTAL Phone: 850.539.8222

DENTAL Fax: 850.539.8244



MEDICAL: Mon, Wed, Fri –  8am to 6pm

DENTAL: Tue-Fri –  8am to 7pm
DENTAL: 1st & 3rd Sat: 9am-2pm

D. Havana Magnet School
1210 Kemp Rd.
Havana, FL 32333
Phone: 850.539.0107


Hours (students only):

Tue & Wed:    8am to 2:52pm

E. Richardson-Lewis Center
872 W. Orange Ave.
Tallahassee, FL 32310
Phone: 850.606.8226

Fax: 850.487.9915


Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri:     8am to 6pm

Thu:    8am to 8pm