• Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care

The Center provides comprehensive primary care services to uninsured and underinsured adults. Primary care includes diagnosis, treatment, medications Read More
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammography


Tech Care Radiology provides NMC with low-cost, effective X-Ray, EKG, ultrasound, and mammography services. Their products can be used to detect heart Read More

Mental Health Care

The Center provides comprehensive mental health care services to uninsured and under-insured adults..Mentalcare includes diagnosis, treatment, medicat Read More
  • Physicals
  • Childhood Illnesses
  • Vision and Hearing Screenings


We understand that your children are your top priority. When they get sick, you want nothing more than to help them recover as quickly as possible. O Read More
  • OB/GYN Care
  • Contraception
  • Cancer Screenings and Mammograms

Women’s Health

To help all our female patients get the proper healthcare they need, we have set up a clinic designed specifically with them in mind. The women’s c Read More

Chronic Disease Management

We understand that chronic disease can be as harmful as acute disorders. We offer help for patients with diabetes, cholesterol and lipid problems, hyp Read More

Specialty Clinics

The Center provides specialty clinic services to uninsured and underinsured patients. Services offered are in the areas of: Dermatology Obstetrics/Gyn Read More

Case Management

Case Management services Read More

Dental Services

NMC now offers Dental Services at select locations. Read More

Other Services

Smoking Cessation Neighborhood Medical Center provides a smoking cessation program, Quit Smoking Now, through a partnership with FSU’s College of Me Read More